Highest Quality Rugs in Rittenhouse, Philadelphia

Purchasing a rug is a big deal. It is a big financial investment. Not only do you want to get a rug that you like the look of, but you also want to make sure the quality of the rug matches the price you are paying. Only the highest quality rugs will be able to last a long time, which is important if you want to get your money’s worth. While we know all the qualities we want in a rug, it can sometimes be hard to judge if a rug is of high quality. Simply searching ‘best place to buy area rugs near me’ can only give you so much information. That’s why we’ve created a list of the qualities that a fine rug should have so your money is not wasted. 

Handmaid Rugs

It’s better to buy a rug that is handmade rather than machine-made because of the fine details that go into making a rug by hand. Handmade rugs have the fringe sewn on, rather than woven, which does not last as long. A handmade rug’s pile, which is the density of fibers, is made from tufts of yarn that are hand-tied into the carpet. A rug that is made by a machine lacks this intricacy. 

Wool Quality

Many factors go into how a wool rug will turn out based on the sheep that were used. Things such as breed, diet, and altitude can all determine the quality of wool in a rug. Quality wool should feel soft, strong, and thick. Dry and thin wool is a sign that the rug was made from a dead sheep and it is probably not the best quality. It is important to buy a rug with quality wool because it will ensure that your rug stays intact for a long time.

Knot Count

The knot count is a big factor in determining if a rug is high quality or not. For those who may not know, knot count is the number of hand-tied knots in a rug. As a general rule in rug making, the higher the knot count, the longer it took to make. However, that does not always mean the rug is of higher quality. Pay attention to this rule when you are looking at rugs that have intricate details and designs. 

High-Quality Rugs for You

Now that you know how to determine if a rug is of high quality or not, it’s time to find a rug! We’ll save you the time and effort of Googling things like ‘best place to buy area rugs near me.’ If you live in Rittenhouse or the surrounding area, Roy’s Rugs is your place for high-quality rugs. Our handmade rugs are made from high-quality pure wool and woolen silk. We can customize a traditional rug just for you or you can choose from our wide selection of traditional woven Persian items. Call Roy’s Rugs today at 215-247-3535 to start your custom rug or purchase your own!