Rug Repair in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

Have you ever owned a favorite rug and something damaged it, or it just became too old and drab? Maybe you even tried to search ‘rug repair near me,’ but came up empty-handed. It can be heartbreaking to throw out that rug that you’ve had forever and spent a lot of money on too. At Maloumian Traditional Rugs, we want to save you from ever throwing out a traditional rug again. If you live in Chestnut Hill or the surrounding area, Maloumian Traditional Rugs provides exceptional rug repair and restoration to give your favorite rug many more years of life and beauty.

Maloumian Traditional Rugs - Repair and Restoration

Did you know that repairing a traditional rug is harder than the original weaving? It’s a craft that requires exceptional skill, and the repair team at Maloumian Traditional Rugs has excelled at that very artistry. We provide repairs for a wide variety of rug damages, such as wearing, dry rot, fire or water damage, wine stains, pet stains, tears, holes, and worn-out fringe. 

We begin the repair process with an appraisal by one of our experts to assess the damages. After the appraisal, we will give you an appropriate estimate of the repair costs and the rug’s potential value if you are interested. At that point, you can decide if you would like to repair it or sell it. 

Should You Replace or Repair?

Before you throw your damaged rug away, it is worth it to get an appraisal from our team. After you are provided with the amount for replacing and repairing, it is time to make your decision. Repairing a rug is usually far cheaper than replacing it altogether. However, if your rug is far past repair or the cost outweighs the price of replacing it, then you should go with the replacement option. It is also worth it to find out the potential value of the rug if you would like to sell it, which the experts at Maloumian Traditional Rugs will provide for you. 

Repair Process

If you choose to repair your traditional rug, our team of experts will then begin the magical repair process to give your rug a new life. We use ancient methods that give us our reputation of being the best rug restorers in the Greater Philadelphia area. The restorer at Maloumian will begin to hand-weave all sections that are damaged. When we are finished, your traditional rug will be structurally and aesthetically strong again. 

The days of searching ‘rug repair near me’ are finally over. If you live in Chestnut Hill or the surrounding area, Maloumian Traditional Rugs is your #1 spot for all things traditional rug repair. We take pride in our craftsmanship and are pleased to offer many other services, such as rug cleaning and pick-up and delivery. Contact us today at 215-247-3535 to start your rug repair process and learn more about all we have to offer! We can’t wait to work with you!